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FUTEK Load Cells Help Protect Our Troops

Our soldiers are now a little bit safer thanks to a protection system installed on the Army’s Humvee vehicles. Previously, the Army’s Humvee vehicles were susceptible to a tactic used to disable vehicles and injure our troops. Insurgents would string steel wire or cable between buildings or trees that Humvees would run into, damaging the vehicle and causing serious or fatal injuries to the occupants. This tactic was often used at night when the steel wire or cable was harder to see.

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Suspension Bridge

FUTEK load cell and instruments can be used in suspension bridges. Our load cells can be installed on the cables to measure the tension and stress applied to the cables under various traffic conditions. They can also be installed under the post of the bridge to measure the compression the bridge experiences under various conditions. Data acquired will be sent to a data logger or data acquisition system using FUTEK Junction Box and related instrument. Remote management of data via internet or cell phones can be achieved.

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Rotary Torque Sensor – Non-contact w/ Integrated Encoder

Unlike reaction torque sensors, rotary torque sensors can rotate inline with your part or rotating drive shaft and you don’t have to worry about the cable getting tangled. One of the popular FUTEK rotary torque sensors is Model TRS605. A key feature of this stable strain gage based sensor is the non-contact signal transfer which eliminates conventional slip rings that could cause friction and eventually wear down the brushes and rings. This feature also allows for higher RPM speeds and lower capacity ranges. The unit provides ± 5 VDC amplified output in CW & CCW. This makes the unit easier

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Wiring Codes / Connector Codes: Our information sheets provided with all our products have wiring and connector codes that help you interface with our products. In case you misplace the information sheets, you can also find these codes directly on our website.

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