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FUTEK Insider / May 2012
IHH500 - FUTEK’s Intelligent Handheld Display
Inside the IHH500
FUTEK’s Intelligent Handheld Display
Each test and measurement platform is unique. From the operating environment to the sampling rate, there are many variables that play into the choosing of your platform’s sensor and related instrument. Knowing this, FUTEK decided to mitigate the search for instrumentation by developing a universal intelligent handheld display - the IHH500.
With versatility being the driving factor in the design of the IHH500, FUTEK’s Electrical Engineering Team developed and produced a four input and four output channel display for strain gauge sensors. A brief overview of its specifications include a heightened accuracy of 0.001%, a 24 Bit internal resolution, and up to 4,800 samples per second data recall. And though these are impressive figures, what is most unique about the IHH500 is its
adaptability to various operating environments and industries.
For those working on endurance or precision tests in industrial or automation fields, the IHH500’s aluminum frame and rechargeable 24- hour battery may be beneficial. For those in the medical, aerospace, or military and defense industries, the fact that this display is both CE and RoHS certified is an advantageous factor.
Lastly, our engineering team tailored the IHH500 to work alongside our SENSIT Test and Measurement Software. Pairing SENSIT with the display allows users the ability to measure the activity of 16 different sensors within the same application platform, as well as the ability to live graph and data log.
As with all our instruments, FUTEK’s IHH500 is manufacturing in the USA in our production factory in Southern California.
Spacecraft Debriefed
Our Expertise in Aerospace
This past May, FUTEK had the privilege of exhibiting at the first annual Spacecraft Technology Expo in Los Angeles, California. During the three-day trade show, we were able to share our successes with fellow aerospace professionals as we highlighted the new technologies available in the test and measurement industry.
Having worked on several projects with NASA and JPL, including the Mars Curiosity Rover and the iLIDS Docking System for the International Space Station, we were excited to hear about current and prospective endeavors within the spacecraft and satellite world.
For more information regarding the aerospace projects FUTEK has been apart of, please visit the link below.
Product News
USB Technology
Models Illustrated

Within the World of USB Technology
FUTEK is among the first in the test and measurement industry to embark upon utilizing USB Technology to simplify data retrieval and collection. With the introduction of a universal “plug and play” solution, measurement platforms are now set up to gather more precise and effective results through many applications over various industries.
Within this industry, USB Solutions will soon set the precedent for speed and ease in data compilation. Eliminating the need for amplifiers, filters, and multimeters, USB Technology is a quick and cost effective solution to the traditional Sensor System.
Feature Application
Motor Test Stand
Motor Test Stand                                                    
Products In Use
One Rotary Torque Sensor (TRS Series) paired with Instrumentation (IPM650, IHH500 or USB Solution).
Application Summary
Rotary Torque Sensors are frequently used as auditing tools for motors, power tools, turbines, and generators. In many instances, due to project regulations and requirements, continual auditing sequences must take place to ensure that process control motors meet their intended specifications. FUTEK’s TRS Series has become notorious for its use in auditing machinery.
TRS Series
Rotary Torque
(TRS Series)
Handheld Display

Feature Video
Custom Sensor Webinar
Custom Sensor Webinar
We've all faced that critical moment in the development of a test regimen that calls for the inclusion of a load cell, force sensor or torque sensor, but none of the standard options really fit our unique requirements. That's when turning to a veteran sensor designer like FUTEK's Director of Engineering, Richard Walker, can deliver results.
Richard has been involved in hundreds of custom development projects. During this webinar, he will walk you through the necessary steps needed when inquiring about a custom design or product modification.
This Month's Highlight
Element X
First and foremost, we are incredibly grateful to be expanding our business. And due to this wave of expansion, we are happy to say that FUTEK is actively hiring. Whether it’s a history with sensors or a curiosity in test and measurement, we eagerly await your applications. Please use the link below to find more information, including open positions.