FUTEK Insider / May 2013
Sensing the Future: We Had a Hand In It
Sensing the Future
We're back! From Germany, that is. And this year's Sensor + Test Trade Show not only marked FUTEK's 4th consecutive year exhibiting, but it was also a great opportunity to connect with our international representatives and customers.
Nuremberg, Germany is the epicenter of "state- of-the-art" technological businesses. So it is no surprise that the Sensor + Test Trade Show is consistently held here. During this three day endeavor, our team mixed and mingled with fellow test and measurement companies, sharing our latest projects and following up with theirs.
We were very excited to share our successes about the Mars Rover Curiosity expedition, as well as our partnership with the The Robot Studio and their development of a humanoid robot. In fact, this partnership had the privilege of being the trade show's promotional artwork! (See the above banner)

Last year, The Robot Studio decided to make a statement in the world of humanoid robotics when they aspired to replicate the form and function of arguably the most precise, versatile, and complex mechanical system to exist: the human forelimb consisting shoulder, arm, and hand. The mechanical structure was constructed to emulate the material properties and geometry of human bones, joints, and connective tissue with unprecedented detail and authenticity.
But, for these refined feedback loops to breathe autonomy into the creation, they would need to be properly fed. The mechanical loads at play would need to be monitored with great sensitivity and quickness; thus came the implementation of FUTEK's LSB200.
Featured Product
The LSB200 + USB + SENSIT™ Software
Instruments Illustrated

USB Solution
(USB Series)
The LSB200 + USB + SENSIT™ Software
FUTEK diligently works toward providing our users with all the necessities to complete their test and measurement platforms. With that being said, we’ve equipped the LSB200 model with multiple instrument solutions, highlighting our USB modules and SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software as one option.
FUTEK is one of the first within the test and measurement industry to introduce USB technology to our instrument line. Utilizing this simple "Plug and Play" solution, users are ensured more efficient, accurate, and realtime results. Pairing any USB module with SENSIT, users now have the power to display the Peak/ Valley, Tare/Gross, as well as full data logging and live graphing capabilities.
Featured Application
Linear Test Stand
Linear Test Stand

Products In Use
Miniature S-Beam Jr. (LSB200) paired with Instrumentation (IPM650, IHH500, USB Solutions, or CSG110 Amplifier).
Application Summary
Many industries use load cells to measure their presses or impact stands. FUTEK’s LSB200 Load Cell is suitable for applications needing precise, low-capacity impact measurements.
Miniature S-Beam
Handheld Display
Featured Video
Exploring Load Cells Through a Miniature S-Beam Jr. Sensor
Miniature S-Beam Jr. Online Presentation
This month, we'd like to highlight our 45-minute presentation on our Miniature S-Beam Load Cell. Our Technical Director Richard Walker outlined the performance features of this load cell, including specifications, conceptual applications, a demonstration video, and its integration with instruments and software. We hope you have the opportunity to chisel out some time to view it!
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