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Technological innovations have brought the cost of wind power down from more than 30 cents per kilowatt-hour during the 1980s to less than six cents per kilowatt-hour today.


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Sensor Solutions...Making Machines Smarter

The development of wireless local-area networks (WLAN per IEEE802.15.4 and the ZigBee standard) is paving the way for the wider use of sensors in applications where they had been difficult to apply. For example, ZigBee lets networked sensors (nodes) in manufacturing areas share information for immediate feedback that might improve a machine's speed and precision. A load cell or torque sensor could communicate with a…

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Dual Tank level Controller

As illustrated in this application the volume of a single or multiple container of any shape or form can be monitored and controlled during an automated process using load cells and instrumentations to display the values while activating or deactivating the system as required utilizing the instrument built-in alarm set point or interfacing with a PLC computer via instrument Analog output or RS232 & USB.

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New Miniature Load Button Load Cell offered in even smaller size!

FUTEK has expanded its Load Button Load Cell product line by adding the new miniature model: Miniature Load Button LLB130. The Miniature Load Button LLB130 is offered in 5, 10, 25, and 50 lbs capacity range with an outside diameter of 0.38” and an incredible height of 0.13”, which has now made the LLB130 the smallest load button load cell offered by FUTEK.

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