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Here at FUTEK, we are always impressed with the number of applications our Load Cells are utilized in. From the doctor who wants to calculate the force required to dislocate a jaw to the engineers who place our sensors in extreme thermal conditions for Cryogenic Applications, our FUTEK engineers love the challenge. Of course we would like to think that everyone knows how to handle these intricate products but accidents do happen and mistakes are made. With the help of this document, we hope engineers and technicians can avoid some common mistakes.

Proper care of your Load Cell
It goes without saying that a Load Cell is an extremely sensitive product. Thus, proper handling will be essential from installation to usage. Here are some useful tips to consider:

- Selecting the right capacity for your load cell is very critical. We’ve provided a good outline on the variables you should consider when selecting a Load Cell, and we can’t emphasize enough that selecting the right capacity is also very important. How to Select A Load Cell Guide

- Use stable power supply to prevent high voltage surges.

Mounting / Installation
The Mounting/Installation of the sensor presents plenty of opportunities where potential mistakes can be made. Here are some useful tips to consider:

- Use flat, parallel and clean mounting surfaces. A dirty environment or an uneven surface can easily distort your data.

One of the most common mistakes that occurs is an Overloading of a sensor. This is particularly an issue for low capacity sensors. When you are working with a low capacity sensor, you must take the utmost caution during handling and installation to make sure the sensor is not damaged. Here are some common tips.

- For Hydraulic or Pneumatic Pressure applications, slowly monitor the load on the Load Cell to avoid a dynamic overload.

Connection & Cable
The Load Cell cable can also pose challenges to some applications so please consider the following:

- Do not pull or yank on the Load Cell cable.

- Pinching and flexing the cable may cause damage, especially if it’s left in such a position for extended periods.

FUTEK’s Miniature Load Cells and Sub Miniature Load Cell series provide diverse solutions for Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, and Manufacturing industries. These products offer solutions for applications in both Tension and Compression. Even with the miniature design an impressive capacity range of of 10 gram up to 20,000 lbs is available.
The LSB600 S-Beam Load Cell is a high capacity tension and compression transducer with a wide capacity, ranging from 10,000 lbs to 25,000 lbs. This new module is offered with USB output as an additional option. With the USB option, Engineers can eliminate the need for an analog amplifier, power supply, and display equipment, making usage that much easier. The plug and play functionality gives you the power and ease to monitor the output of a sensor. The measurement are also less affected by noise, temperature variation or power supply requirement. The USB integration also includes FUTEK’s USB Software which allows users to monitor the output of the Sensor in real time.

Monitoring Tension Wires can be effectively done using the proper Load Cell or several Load cells. For this application FUTEK Engineers utilize a LSB200 with a custom designed fixture to measure the force that the wire is applying onto the Load Cell. For ease of connectivity, a USB output option was added to the Load Cell.

JR S-Beam Load Cell
External USB Output Kit

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