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FUTEK realizes quality is critical to all of our customers. We also remember the days when plastic milk crates counted as legitimate furniture and when instant noodles were a food staple. That is why FUTEK offers its high quality products with a discount on all educational orders.
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Problems are only problems when they don’t have solutions. FUTEK is a company full of solutions. And that is why they have implemented a quality assurance system to provide any and every circumstance with a solution. A key element of that solution is called Absolute Traceability.
Absolute Traceability is FUTEK’s way of anticipating potential errors. Whether it is a user or a manufacturer error, FUTEK has designed a unique system that defines all the possibilities leading up to sensor defect.
Let’s suppose the sensor is categorized as a manufacturer’s error. How does FUTEK diagnose the exact defect? That’s where Absolute Traceability lends itself extremely useful.
Thomas Bowles, Quality Director, can take any sensor manufactured in the FUTEK Machine Shop, in Irvine, California, U.S.A., and trace it back to its roots.
“I am aware of every aspect of a sensor; from the purchasing of the raw materials to the shipment of the completed product,” said Bowles.
He can tell you the operators who worked on the calibration, wiring, and lamination. He can tell you the origin of the metal used to build the flexure for that particular sensor. He can even tell you the type of foam used in packaging the sensor for shipment. Like a good father, he can tell you every stage of production this sensor has gone through up until the point it entered the hands of the customer.
“Traceability isn’t some casual system in place at FUTEK; it is the core of our quality department. We track everything about each sensor,” said Bowles.
As the core component of their quality assurance system, FUTEK invested in the Oracle Database to ensure that Absolute Traceability is a company-wide policy. Each team member of FUTEK has access to each sensor’s specific details.
Below is a visual diagram showing FUTEK’s Traceability at each and every production step:
Being thorough is an understatement when it comes to diagnosing, repairing, and returning a defective sensor. Within seven days, FUTEK can trace all returned sensors through this outline checking every possibility for defects. Because of this extreme attention to detail, Bowles and his team have achieved a 98% moving average of yields. This remarkable achievement is one of the reasons FUTEK can offer a life-time warranty on selected sensors.
“I am extremely proud of FUTEK’s Absolute Traceability. It’s one of the many aspects that makes FUTEK unique among the rest,” said Bowles.
So problems are only problems when a solution can’t be reached. This isn’t the case for FUTEK. Thomas Bowles will be the first to tell you that FUTEK is the standard for quality sensors, and Absolute Traceability is just another prime example of how hard FUTEK is willing to work to provide excellent customer satisfaction.
“Traceability is about doing things right. With Absolute Traceability, we aren’t just ensuring that we will have a solution, we are guaranteeing our customers the highest quality service they deserve,” said Bowles.
Thomas Bowles

In February 2008, FUTEK introduced its extensive reliability life testing. To show FUTEK’s commitment to producing the highest reliability and most advanced sensors, they have been performing a continuous environmental stress test on their S-Beam model, LSB302, since 2001. In 2008, the reliability test measured the MTBF of this unit in excess of 166 Million cycles. Today, FUTEK is proud to publically announce a milestone – the LSB302 has passed 600 Million cycles!
Read what Quality Director Thomas Bowles has to say about this great achievement!
Cycles and Counting
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The S-Beam Jr. (LSB200) is a Miniature Load Cell that is able to measure compression and tensile forces in the range of 10 gram to 100 lb (444 Newton). The miniature size and broad capacity range makes this model extremely dynamic in the industries and applications it can be utilized in. This model has become one of FUTEK’s most popular products with design features such as its overload protection, lifetime warranty and thread options for both American and Metric standard. By pairing the S-Beam Jr. with our wide range of accessories and instruments, there is the added benefit of creating a sensor system. FUTEK’s electronic line includes a range of displays, amplifiers, and USB output kits, which are integrated to work seamlessly with the S-Beam Jr. through our accredited calibration laboratory.
LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell
Product News
Simple technology isn’t always effective. And advanced technology isn’t always efficient. But what if there was an integrated sensor system that was BOTH simple and advanced? There is – it’s FUTEK’s USB Solutions Kit, a platform that is not only user friendly, but expansive in sensor data retrieval.
Available for over 3,500 FUTEK models, this USB Solutions Kit eliminates the intimidation of data logging, graphing, and calibrating. It replaces the need for amplifiers, filters, and power sources with it’s easy plug & play system, making it ideal for strain gauge data retention. By replacing the need for additional components, FUTEK’s USB Solutions Kit is an affordable answer to load, force, pressure, and torque measurements.
One. Two. Done.
Batch Weighing Application
FUTEK’s Load Buttons are fitted for endurance weight measurement applications. In this particular application, the LLB350 Load Button is being used to measure the weight of a container’s contents. The typical mounting for the LLB350 in batch measurement applications is to thread or bolt the Load Button to a foundation and then place an adapter upon it. The adapter is then threaded or bolted to the leg of the container. As the batch is added to the container, the adapter begins to press down on the Load Button, causing a signal output. Each signal then streams to the Summing Junction Box, IAC200, which gathers the three signals and averages the load output. This averaged load can then be sent to a Digital Display, Handheld Device, or USB Solutions Kit.
Products used for this application:
Subminiature Load Button
External USB Output Kit