FUTEK Insider / November 2012
To The Finish Line
Teaming Up with the Next Generation of Engineers!
At FUTEK, we believe learning isn’t simply books and lectures; it’s also about immersing yourself into real-life situations. To be given the ability to face challenges and develop solutions leads to both innovation and success. Thus, under this mantra, FUTEK partners with several universities each year in the hopes of providing them with the chance to experience engineered design and implementation on their own.
Over the past year, we have had the privilege of sponsoring both Ohio State University and Stanford University as their individual engineering teams developed two distinct racecars.
The Ohio State Buckeyes approached FUTEK to assist them with several load cell sensors needed to perform essential safety tests on their Formula One SAE racecar. Understanding the necessity
of optimal performance, FUTEK gladly backed the Buckeye team with these test and measurement products.
FUTEK also partnered with Stanford University on their impressive solar car project. It’s always a privilege to be apart of new advancement in the automotive field.
Additionally, FUTEK has partnered with California State University, Fullerton to provide students with in-depth tours of our facility, as well as hour-long interactive discussions to pick the brains of our engineering teams.
Needless to say, FUTEK understands the importance education has on our futures. We thank our respective university professors for inspiring us to be driven and innovative. And we hope that through our partnerships with various universities, we inspire them as well.
VIIRS Satellite Captures Images of Hurricane Sandy
FUTEK has been gaining increasing recognition in their aerospace endeavors. From the Mars Rover to the International Space Station, NASA and FUTEK have partnered on numerous occasions to develop space-grade test and measurement products.
Recently, FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. was commissioned by NASA to design and develop two cryogenic load cells to operate
aboard the satellite producing aerial images of Hurricane Sandy, the Visible Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Satellite.
The VIIRS Satellite is responsible for new advances in weather and environmental monitoring, which included producing the aerial images of Hurricane Sandy as it approached the United States’ Eastern Coastline. And to ensure that the satellite operates effectively while in orbit, FUTEK developed two cryogenic load cells to monitor the force applied to the cryoradiator.
Product News
Rotary Torque Sensor System
Instruments Illustrated

(USB Series)
Strain Gage
Rotary Torque Sensor System
We understand that having options when building a sensor platform is, well, essential. So we have worked diligently on our advancements with our electronic components over the past few years leading to a greater compatibility between sensor and instrument. For instance, FUTEK’s Rotary Torque Sensors easily pair with our CSG110 amplifier, our USB Solutions, our newly released IHH500 Handheld Display, and our IPM650 Digital Display. Visit our Rotary Torque Solution page for examples of test measurement platforms incorporating these sensors with our instrument line.
Feature Application
Torque Verification & Calibration
Torque Verification & Calibration

Products In Use
One Reaction Torque Sensor (TDF Series) paired with Instrumentation (IPM650, IHH500 or USB Solution).
Application Summary
Reaction Torque Sensors are frequently used as auditing tools. This application is utilizing FUTEK’s TDF Torque Sensor to verify the precision of a torque wrench.
TDF Series
Reaction Torque
(TDF Series)
Panel Mount Display
Feature Video
Rotary Torque Sensor + USB Solution
Rotary Torque Sensor + USB Solution
Here is a video tutorial exemplifying how FUTEK’s USB Solutions can be paired with a Rotary Torque Sensor to optimize results within a stationary application. This specific application highlights the use of a TRH Series Torque Sensor coupled to a power tool to fasten bolts on a stationary surface. Utilizing FUTEK’s USB Solutions in conjuncture with the SENSIT Software, the torsion from the power tool to the bolt can be measured, logged and graphed instantaneously onto the operator's PC. This method of data collection allows the operator the ability to review and compare data from this test with future or previous tests conducted.
This Month's Highlight
Explore What's Possible
Last month, we introduced a brand new Application Concepts Section to our website. It features tons of illustrated diagrams depicting possible scenarios that would require test and measurement products. Well, the good news is, we keep adding to it! So keep frequenting this section because you’re bound to come across a new load cell, torque sensor, pressure sensor or multi-axis application!