FUTEK: 25 Years in the Making
Anniversaries: cheers, celebration, and recollection. Typically, we keep our anniversary pretty intimate - a quiet hooray that rings through the hallways of FUTEK. There are high-fives and some hand shakes. But mostly, we're all smiles full of thankfulness that we've successfully grown older, wiser, more efficient, and in partnership with you.
This year was different. We hit 25 years. And that quiet hooray grew relatively loud and proud. A milestone, yes, but also a time to pause and look back.
We've got some really cool stories — adventures in fact — and you've joined us for many of them. So what do you say; shall we journey down memory lane? (Just for a bit.)
We can talk about the good ol' days: pre-smartphones. Like, do you remember when traditional sensing systems consisted of a sensor, an amplifier, a power supply, a data acquisition system and software, on occasion a filter, and then a PC to house the data? Yeah, those days.

Or did we ever tell you the story about how our LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. came to be? No? Well you'll never conceivably guess! Let's just say the equation includes: the 90s, trade shows, and keychains.
And what's more astonishing is knowing that if we never designed our LSB200 our entire line of miniature load and torque sensors that you've grown to love and rely on probably wouldn't be here. Now those are memories to reflect on. The ones where risk led to inspired design.
In fact, that's best way to describe these past 25 years: through our ingenuity and pioneering spirit. We wanted to inspire, or at the very least make your applications possible. We've had some borderline absorb criteria that required beyond intricate solutions, but those were the challenges we knew we wouldn't back down from. And now, 25 years later, we can say, proudly, FUTEK operates from subsea to Mars and doesn't intend to stop.