All are welcome to give thanks
Everyone can inspire change. At FUTEK, our aim is to guide engineers to think outside of the box, to see limitless options for their test and measurement applications, and to know that we can accommodate whatever lies between sub-sea and outer space. That's our mission. But then, there are those who inspire us in a different way — altruistically.
About two years ago, we got new neighbors. A nonprofit organization, Families Forward, moved in.
Being in such close proximity to community good-will ambassadors has encouraged our FUTEK Family to pause more and appreciate our years of growth. In fact, we've learned that this reflection isn't just

made for "the month of thanks" but should be practiced continually.
We couldn’t have asked for better role models as neighbors. And we're thankful for the opportunity to participate alongside them. In fact, this year marks our third annual food drive with all donations going to the Families Forward's Food Bank.
So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we welcome everyone to give thanks to those who have positively affected us year-round. And thank you to Families Forward for all the awesome things you do for our Orange County community.