Introducing USB Sensor Solutions


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IP Ratings of Enclosures

The IP rating of an enclosure is dictated not only by the enclosure itself, but also by its fixing method, lid sealing and cable entries. After the 'IP' (Ingress Protection) part of an enclosures protection rating, the first number equates to the protection offered by the box as regards to solid objects from screwdrivers and fingers to fine particulate dust.

Most plastic and metal enclosures offer a 4, 5 or 6 rating (objects under 1mm diameter), A 4 is suitable for a basic wiring junction protected by a wall, ceiling, cabinet or similar in a dry environment, but a 5 or 6 is ...

Introducing USB Sensor Solutions

FUTEK Engineering Labs is pleased to present our USB Sensor Solution for our Miniature S-Beam Jr. Load Cell, Pressure Sensor, and Reaction Torque Sensor. Since the second quarter of 2008, we have been working hard to bring you a USB Cable output option to make your System Integration procedure even simpler.

LSB200 S-Beam Jr.

LSB200 S-Beam Jr.The LSB200 S-Beam Jr. has become one of the signature products in FUTEK's Load Cell series and it is now available with USB Digital Interface. The perfect mixture of size, accuracy and of course the assurance of an Overload Protection feature makes this one of our most sought after models. With a height of only 0.75", the LSB200 Miniature S Beam Load Cell is a great selection where tight environments or space is a challenge. This model is widely used in Medical Bag Weighing Applications as well as automated feed back control and inline processing applications.

TFF400 Reaction Torque Sensor

TFF400 Reaction Torque SensorFUTEK's TFF400 Reaction Torque Sensor features a Flange to Flange mounting solution with torque measurements ranging from +/- 5 inch-oz to 500 inch-pounds, (+/-0.04 to 60 Nm) and Torsional Stiffness of 325 inch-oz/radians to 199,000 inch pounds/radians. The TFF400 utilizes Metal Foil Strain Gage technology and features an Overload Protection for the low capacity units to help prevent overload damage that may occur during installation.

PFP350 Pressure Sensor

PFP350 Pressure SensorComplementing FUTEK's wide Pressure Solution series is the PFP350 Pressure Sensor. Utilizing Metail Foil Strain Gage Technology, the PFP350 is now available with USB Output Option. The PFP350 is made from 17-4 Stainless Steel, weighs 5.5 oz, has mV/V output as a standard and ranges from 300 – 10,000 psi.

Vehicle Dynamics North America 2008 Expo (Automotive Test Expo)

Vehicle Dynamics North America 2008 Expo (Automotive Test Expo)

FUTEK will be attending the Vehicle Dynamics North America 2008 Expo (Automotive Test Expo) taking place in Novi, Michigan from October 22nd-24th. It’s a great opportunity to meet our team and get a good look at our product line. You can request tickets by contacting us or registering here.

 Load Cell Application - Medical Bag

Load Cell Application - Medical BagFUTEK products are widely used in Medical Instrumentation devices and equipment to further automate and minimize human error and provide extended features for smarter interface. Some common applications are automated drug delivery or kidney dialysis system. FUTEK Models, LSB200 & LSM250 & LSM300, LSM500, FBB350, FFP350 are some of the active models used in these applications.

Load Cell Application - Medical Bag
Drug Delivery

Originally, a hanging bag that held fluid, medication, or other nutrients were infused to a patient using various clamping methods to regulate the flow. This process required continual monitoring to ensure that the solution was being delivered properly, that the bag was ...

FUTEK White Paper

Vibration Testing of Miniature S-Beam (LSB200) & Miniature Beam Load Cell (LSM400)

During this past year FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, located in Irvine California, found itself faced with yet another unique challenge from a client requiring a specialized sensor. This new challenge would not only require the sensors in question to endure the usual environmental hazards of high/low temperature and moisture, but also survive vibration testing to a controlled industry vibration standard by an independent testing lab. What follows is a chronological account of the preparation, testing and an analysis of the required vibration testing.

FUTEK Web Features

FUTEK Web FeaturesNotable Web Features that make your Sensor purchase a little easier. All you need to do is create an online account.

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