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Vampires vs. Zombies – Who will be the Deadliest?
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S-Beam Jr. Load Cell - LSB200
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We understand that the sensor industry may be considered uncharted territory for quite a few of you. In fact, we are constantly learning more and more about the industry as we dive into new challenges each day. But over the past two decades, we have attained a great deal of knowledge, much of which we share with you in various locations throughout the website. So here is a diagram that skips you having to shift through all our pages and brings all our knowledge straight to you.
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Behind the woodworks of Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior lay an esteemed group of engineers and analytical experts who use their knowledge to conjure up combative scenarios between two likeminded enemies (i.e. vampires and zombies). Through experimental studies of weaponry, man-to-man combat, and comprehensive battle strategy, this team allots each competitor a numerical value for their expertise in the abovementioned. With these numerical values, the analytics team runs a series of simulations leading to the answer of: “Who will be the deadliest?” But never would FUTEK think that their industrial manufacturing company would find itself performing alongside Hollywood, let alone the possibility of vampires and zombies. But it happened, all on the silver screen.
The matchup begins with honored veterans in both vampire and zombie knowhow joining the Deadliest Warrior crew. After intense debate on the skill sets these two barbaric scavengers posses, it is settled that the predominant tactical values should be based on: the bite delivered by both zombie and vampire, the brute strength of man-to-man combat and the endurance to survive the attack. And thus, the testing began.
(Might I mention that outside “assistance” will be utilized to provide as close to real life results for fantasy scenarios such as this.)
To simulate the ruthless bite of a feverish zombie, Joey, a hefty Rottweiler, was coyly provoked to attack an armor arm oblivious to the fact that FUTEK’s load cell laid amidst his trainer’s arm protection. And so, with a count down of three, two, one, Joey assaulted his padded ally. As hundreds of pounds of force pressed down upon the load cell, FUTEK’s USB SensIT Software detected Joey’s maximum force exerted to be 255 lbs. That’s quite a bite. But how will it compare to that of Sir Dracula?
FUTEK has the pleasure of announcing that our Director of Engineering, Richard Walker, will be presenting a conceptual webinar about our custom sensors and engineering process. Join us on November 2nd, 2011 at 11:00AM PST for this event hosted by GlobalSpec. You can look forward to hearing more about the critical questions you should pose to a potential sensor manufacturer, the environmental operational requirements, and what it takes to take a solution from consultation to execution.
Custom Sensor Webinar
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FUTEK Engineers are not only developers, but also demonstrators. And it is in this spirit that we believe providing our customers with visual application diagrams and interactive video demonstrations are extremely important to showcase how to utilize our technology. In this video, a FUTEK technician is measuring the torque exerted in a bolt fastening application. Using our TRH300 with our IHH500, the technician can monitor the data in real time. Utilizing the same SensIT Software as our USB Solutions, the user has numerous capabilities to make the data retrieval process as smooth as possible. To learn more about FUTEK’s IHH500, please visit: www.futek.com/product.aspx?t=instrument&m=IHH500
Product Demo - Torque Sensor with IHH500
Product News
FUTEK announces the release of their upgraded CSG110, the Strain Gauge Signal Amplifier. Recognized for their extensive sensor product line, FUTEK has been spearheading the test and measurement industry with innovative electronic solutions.
Taking You from MilliVolt to Volt
Crane Weighing Application
Load Cells are often used as a reliable solution in crane weighing applications. In this illustration, a FUTEK Pancake Load Cell is used to measure the weight of a load. Such tests can be critical for engineers or technicians that need to control the test environment (in case a load is too heavy, for safety purpose, or testing). Of course this is just one example of how Load Cells can be used in crane weighing applications. The Pancake Load Cell is not the only product that can be used in such applications but it is a great selection considering the high capacity range, robust design, and installation options offered in the series.
Products used for this application:
LCF455 Low Profile Universal Pancake With Tension Base
Low Profile Universal Pancake With Tension Base
LCF800 Female Threaded Rod Load Cell
Female Threaded Rod Load Cell
LSB600 Tension & Compression Load Cell
Tension & Compression Load Cell
IHH500 Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display
Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display