FUTEK Insider / October 2012
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Let’s Talk Test and Measurement Applications
For the past 24 years, FUTEK has established a firm reputation as a premiere provider of test and measurement products. As each year of business poured into the next, our team grew stronger in our expertise as a “Sensor Solution Source.” Our product lines increased, our technologies became more advanced, and our knowledge of the test and measurement world became invaluable.
Rather than claiming this knowledge as proprietary, we decided to share it with our publics - the chief engineers, the students, the professors, and even the curious minded. From the development of How-To Guides to yearly webinars to trade show expeditions, FUTEK team members distributed our sensor-related knowledge on all fronts to all audiences. But perhaps the most popular of our endeavors was the development of our online Application Concepts in 2006. And now, we’d like to announce that it has been completely renovated and improved.
From the get-go, we knew that visual compositions were a necessity for our users. To have the ability to see our products in actual testing environments provides operators and engineers with a greater sense of understanding on how the product works.
So, with this in mind, FUTEK began developing isometric views of many application scenarios. From automotive brake testing to DNA synthesis to power tool auditing, FUTEK constructed various industry-specific diagrams.
For instance, below we feature a helicopter antitorque pedal test application. The diagram provides a general overview of the environment in which the sensor will operate, as well as possible instruments that could be configured into the test stand.
So without further ado, we’d like to invite you to dive into our new Application Section to explore what’s possible with FUTEK.
Product News
FUTEK’s Handheld Display with Thru-Holes and Load Buttons
Instruments Illustrated

(USB Series)
Panel Mount
FUTEK’s Test and Measurement Software
FUTEK’s Electrical Engineering Team credits software as the final piece to an effective and efficient test system. Under this mentality, our team has developed a software that displays, graphs, and logs your test results. We call it: SENSIT.
SENSIT Test and Measurement Software supports FUTEK’s IHH500 Handheld Display, USB Solutions, and IPM650 Panel Meter applications. With multi-channel capabilities and math functions, SENSIT will turn your traditional sensor platform into the ultimate test-measurement system. To learn more about how SENSIT can interact within your application, click on the link below.
Feature Application
Helicopter Pedal Force Testing
Helicopter Pedal Force Testing

Products In Use
Pedal Force Sensor (LAU Series) paired with Instrumentation (IPM650, IHH500, USB Solutions, or CSG110 Amplifier).
Application Summary
Anti-torque pedals control both the direction and pitch of a helicopter in flight. Utilizing pedal force sensors give engineers the ability to audit the precision of these controls. To learn more about this application, click on the link below.
LAU Series
Pedal Force Sensor
(LAU Series)
Handheld Display
Feature Video
Load Cell Webinar On-Demand
Load Cell Webinar On-Demand
Many of you may be familiar with the fact that FUTEK hosted a webinar last month. Focusing on our Thru-Hole and Load Button Load Cells, our Technical Director, Richard Walker shared valuable tips on selecting, installing, and configuring these load cells. From miniature models to customizable inner and outer diameters, FUTEK’s LTH and LLB Series’ offer a wide variety of uses over many industries. Thus, this webinar is available On-Demand for you to watch at your leisure. Enjoy!
This Month's Highlight
As a U.S. manufacturing house, FUTEK will be partaking in the long-standing tradition of Halloween. We’d like to wish our fellow business partners and neighbors a safe and fun “All Hallows’ Eve.” And in this spirit, take a gander at FUTEK’s Justice League of sensors!