FUTEK Insider / October 2013
The Usual Suspects: Happy Halloween 2013 from FUTEK
They're the Real McCoys
I'd seen the kid before — the small, sensitive type. He could go off at any time, so hauling him in was going to mean trouble. His buddies were just as touchy, but different: hard boiled. Plenty rugged.
See, these mugs have their hands in everything. Doctors, engineers, robots — industry is lousy with these wise guys. They know everything from how heavy your IV bag is when you're laying sorry in the hospital to — what's worse — just how much force that trash compactor is using to squish the evidence flat.
These were good kids just caught in a bad way. "Miniatures" they call 'em — smaller, more flexible versions of the big boys — they could get in anywhere, and find out anything. They were all over this crazy town, and I wanted to get the low down on what they knew and when.
Right then I had a brainwave, see. These kids knew what was up: They're USB compatible, and if I just had the right software, I could get the clues

I needed to wrap this case up in a neat little bow. This wasn't any trip for biscuits.
I was lucky that FUTEK's entire line of miniature sensors worked with their USB family of products. Couple that with their leading-edge SENSIT™ Test and Measurement software, and bingo: paydirt. They were singing like canaries, and at a quarter of the size and weight of their wet-smack rivals, they were doing it with half the effort and twice the panache.
You can get in on the action too, with the FUTEK Miniature Solution Series. This series was created especially for situations in which big cheese performance has to work within a pint-sized space. With ace mounting and alignment flexibility, the Miniature Series is the solution of choice to get the most challenging or obscure measurement applications humming like eggs in coffee.

Featured Product

LSB200 + Instrumentation

S-Beam Jr.
USB Solutions
(USB Family)
Miniature S-Beam with Overload Protection
FUTEK's LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. is one of our most popular models - with good reason. Among its wondrous features is a 1000% safe overload rated output in tension/compression with capacities between 10 grams and 100 lb*. FUTEK engineers designed the LSB200 with precision cuts that allow the unit to boast its impressive overload rating.
While the LSB200 solution offers a number of options for various fields, there are innumerable custom capabilities available, such as radiation and non-magnetic options for medical R&D. Whether an application requires new designs from the ground up or modifications to the existing model, FUTEK's engineering team is well versed in taking on such projects and delivering measurable results.

* = 1000% RO overload protection (200% for 50 and 100 lb. version)
Feature Application
Torque/Motor Test Stand
Vampire Bite Force

Products In Use
Miniature Load Button Load Cell (LLB Family) paired with FUTEK's USB Solutions and SENSITTM Test and Measurement Software.
Application Summary
In an attempt to bring a source seemingly comparable to that of a vampire's bite, Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior called upon the assistance of a four-legged friend: an alligator.
Miniature Load Button
USB Solutions
Feature Video
IPM650 Benefits and Features
FUTEK's on Netflix
As friends and family around the States prepare to enjoy All Hallows Eve, we thought we'd share some fitting content that might bolster the Halloween spirit. Right now, on Netflix DVD, you can enjoy some seasonably suitable adventures from FUTEK via Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior. We're ecstatic to be a part of Netflix's premium content and hope that you can take a moment to enjoy some FUTEK fun.
While our sensors are utilized in three episodes of Deadliest Warrior (305, 306, and 310), the most appropriate to our creepy calendar is Season Three's finale, which pitted vampires against zombies. Genre experts Max Brooks (World War Z) and Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) were on hand, working with combat experts to determine once and for all the more lethal of these two undead horror icons.
Utilizing FUTEK's Load Button Load Cells and USB SENSITTM Test and Measurement Software, Deadliest Warrior was able to determine which of these two creatures is, in fact, the apex predator supreme. Which was it? You'll have to watch to find out.
In addition to these macabre measurements, FUTEK assisted in episodes gauging the tactics of some of history's most celebrated icons and despicable villains. Check out some hypothetical shenanigans as the likes of Teddy Roosevelt clash against Lawrence of Arabia, and a good bit more.
Episodes of Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior are available now on Netflix DVD and, for those without a Netflix account, the show's website. Take a gander, enjoy the show, and have a happy haunted Halloween.