FUTEK Insider / October 2014
Happy Halloween 2014 from FUTEK
The Legend of the Headless Torqueman
Many a tale and superstition have been told celebrating All Hallow's Eve, but perhaps none as menacing as that of the Headless Torqueman. You see, I warn you, by virtue of sharing these words I soberly pray that my spirit rest easy come nightfall. For no man dare speak of the monstrosity of this indelible phantom without ensuing some horrific detriment. T’is right my friends, for I risk my very soul so that you may know the truth.
I was but a boy when I first laid my weary eyes upon him. As if defying my sanity and reason, there stood this being. He possessed no mortal essence. Awestruck, fear plagued me. This could not be. If he is not of man, then ... what. I gawked in riddle and amazement. There, before me, no more than two pole, loomed a marriage of evil and machine.
Armored atop a beast with no flesh nor breath — an abomination of frozen iron and unearthly fire —

rode a sinister knight, whose head had since been transposed with that of a contemporary device.
I had heard of this creature before. His reputation spoken at a whisper — for he is said to be an apparition of great men of science who lost their souls amid their service.
Vulnerable and weathered by terror, I ran. For how long, I cannot say — though I was well into Lord Roderick’s estate come the time I turned my shoulder only to behold the terrifying reality that there be the Headless Torqueman himself. In that moment, sincere dread became me. My knees buckled and I gave way to the ground. Whether it be courage or stupidity, I lifted my head. He was gone. My soul spared. Why? I cannot be certain. But I profess to you, my friends, suppress any desire to cross paths with this phantom. It is under this caveat, I say to you godspeed and good luck.

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Slip Ring
In Stock: Rotary Torque Sensors
With capacities ranging from 1 Nm to 1,000 Nm, FUTEK's Shaft-to-Shaft Rotary Torque Sensor Family is fully stocked and ready for shipment. This TRS Family caters toward applications requiring shaft-size variations, dynamic torsion measurements, encoder options, and multiple outputs.
TRS300: Slip Ring Shaft-to-Shaft
• 10 Nm to 1,000 Nm Capacity
• Cost Effective Solution
TRS600: Non-Contact Shaft-to-Shaft
• 1 Nm to 50 Nm Capacity
• Non-Contact Shaft-to-Shaft
TRS605: Non-Contact with Encoder
• Measures torque, speed, power, and angle
• 1 Nm to 1,000 Nm Capacity
Featured Application
Torque/Motor Test Stand
Vampire Bite Force

Products In Use
Miniature Load Button Load Cell (LLB Family) paired with FUTEK's USB Solutions and SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software.
Application Summary
In an attempt to bring a source seemingly comparable to that of a vampire's bite, Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior called upon the assistance of a four-legged friend: an alligator.
Miniature Load Button
(LLB Series)
(USB Series)
Feature Video
Rotary Torque + Handheld Display
Rotary Torque + Handheld Display
FUTEK's Rotary Torque Sensors are frequently used to audit a power tool's performance. In this video demonstration, FUTEK's Technical Support Team illustrates the relationship between our TRH300 and IHH500 instrument. By pairing our Rotary Torque Hex Drive Sensor with our HandHeld Digital Display, engineers and operators alike are able to accurately perform torque audits.
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Hey everyone! We just released a very useful feature on our website — track your order. Aside from shipment tracking, you can now see whether your order is “booked”, “in production”, or “preparing to ship”. We hope this gives you the piece of mind that your order is on schedule and following your intended timeline.