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The variety of aluminum used to manufacture airplane wings is capable of withstanding loads of more than 90,000 pounds per square inch. Aluminum can be spun into a filament so fine that 1.5 pounds of it could encircle the world.

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FUTEK is Exhibiting at the National Manufacturing Week show in Chicago on September 25th through 27th. If you’re already planning on visiting the show and seeing the latest advances in design and manufacturing, don’t forget to visit FUTEK at booth 5013. If you haven’t planned on it, but would like to attend, email to request an invitation, or register online by clicking here. Feel free to stop by booth 5013 to meet with a sales engineer and tell FUTEK your sensor needs. You may qualify for a free DMM.


Viscosity / Liquid Separation

This particular application is used in batching or mixing of multiple chemicals. By measuring the viscosity, you can determine when to stop adding a liquid to the mix. As shown here, the table can be lifted so that the probe reaches the liquid in the tank. The probe can also be brought down into the liquid. Once the probe is in the liquid, a certain amount of tension is required to pull the probe back out. The thicker the liquid, the higher the viscosity is and the harder it is to pull the probe out. The load cell measures this tension and transfers the data to a display. Both MIT and NASA (Glen Research Center Cleveland) have utilized FUTEK’s Sensitive Dyne Sensor to measure water or liquid separation forces.

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High Capacity Compression Load Cell

In addition to the popular Pancake Load Cell, FUTEK now offers the LCA700 Column / Canister Load Cell series for applications requiring high capacity range measurement and control in compression. Weighing only 50 lbs, its compact design is offered with up to 1 million lbs of high capacity and a high accuracy of column design flexure. The LCA700 Column / Canister Load Cell has a raised spherical surface to lower the possibility of off center loading, and comes equipped with a handle for easy carrying. Some additional features that can be added include dual bridge, amplifier, and TEDS. One ideal application is for high tonnage press. Major calibration houses currently use this product and accept no substitute. Visit or email for additional information on this product, or for a similar lower capacity version, refer to the LCA300 -Miniature Load Column Load Cell series.

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Remaining Warranty:Have you forgotten how much warranty you have left on your FUTEK product and you can’t find the paperwork? Check out our remaining warranty feature online. Simply enter your sensor/instrument ID and see your remaining warranty.

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