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LSB200 - S-Beam Jr.
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With over 10 years of design and manufacturing experience on our S-Beam Jr. Load Cell, it has become one of our most dynamic solutions for the Sensor Industry. Our Engineering Team understands that Miniature Sensor applications are demanding in nature and this Load Cell was designed with a purpose; To deliver a complete solution that is versatile across multiple industry applications. For example, even though the capacity range goes from 10 grams to 100 lbs (444N) the Load Cell size never changes. That’s pretty ingenious. Our engineers have continuously looked at methods to push the capacity range both on the low end and high end without sacrificing the size of the product. It doesn’t stop there though. Since the S-Beam Jr. is so small we also had to consider scenarios where the product might get damaged, such as installation. This was a monumental challenge for our 10-gram capacity. Applying 10 grams of force does not require much of an effort and so our brilliant engineers have incorporated an overload stop feature into the S-Beam Jr. design. Just like its name, the overload protection feature helps prevent scenarios where the unit might be overloaded. Now to the naked eye, the S-Beam Jr. seems like a small block of metal. But that tiny block of metal is able to measure tensile and compression forces and offer overload protection in both directions. Again, marvelous engineering! Of course we could go on about the number of features this Load Cell has but it would consume most of your day and we do value your time so give us a few minutes instead and enjoy this outstanding presentation giving you a complete breakdown of our LSB200 S-Beam Jr. Load Cell.
Because FUTEK designs and manufacturers every S-Beam Jr. in our California (USA) facility, we are able to offer options, instruments and accessories to match every application. Our design philosophy does take into consideration that each application is a little different. Some of our customers like to submerge our S-Beam Jr. into water. We offer a solution for that. Other customers wanted us to build them complete system with a display, threaded rods or a data acquisition system. We did that and then built an online platform that allowed all our customers to create a system that works for their unique needs. Learn more about the S-Beam Jr. Load Cell here:
Wire Tension / Compression Measurement Application
Monitoring Tension Wires can be effectively done using the proper Load Cell or several Load cells as illustrated in the above diagram. For this application FUTEK Engineers utilize a LSB200 with a custom designed fixture to measure the force that the wire is applying onto the Load Cell. For ease of connectivity, a USB output option was added to the Load Cell where the system can monitor 8 to 16 channels with 1 software (FUTEK’s USB Software). For this application the LSB200 Load Cell (S-Beam Jr.) can be used for both Compression and Tensile measurements.
Products used for this application:
JR S-Beam Load Cell
External USB Output Kit