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USB Solutions: More Advanced Than You Thought
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We understand that the sensor industry may be considered uncharted territory for quite a few of you. In fact, we are constantly learning more and more about the industry as we dive into new challenges each day. But over the past two decades, we have attained a great deal of knowledge, much of which we share with you in various locations throughout the website. So here is a diagram that skips you having to shift through all our pages and brings all our knowledge straight to you.
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FUTEK is among the first in the test and measurement industry to embark upon utilizing USB technology to simplify data retrieval and collection. This concept may seem ordinary in relation to the current progression of standardized business, but it isn’t. It is actually quite groundbreaking and green. The majority of FUTEK’s B2B market has yet to be introduced to the notion that USB output exists for test-measurement applications.
USB Technology, within this industry, will soon set the precedent for speed and ease in data compilation. And as noted above, there has already been immense success with the devices FUTEK has produced thus far. More and more manufacturers will follow suit and begin to sell USB Solutions alongside their respective sensor devices. However, unlike those other manufacturer, FUTEK vows to continue to design, develop, and produce their USB modules in-house. They believe the best practice of customer support is for USB users to bring their questions regarding the software and/or design directly to those whose hands have actually crafted the product.
What it boils down to is that FUTEK wishes to keep the same level of integrity use in designing the USB Solutions with their USB technical support. They have formulated a culture based on quality and reliability, and that applies to both the design aspect of their sensors and instruments, as well as their customer service and technical support. Thus, the benefits of this technology heavily outweigh the possible “ifs, ands, or buts” associated with its newness. Industry competitors may find it risky that FUTEK jumped into a raw and new data exchange solution, but to be honest, FUTEK is simply a forward thinking company. USB is the future for the test and measurement industry, and FUTEK plans to carry their customers into that future.
FUTEK will partake in the Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, MI, USA on Oct. 25th through 27th. This is the ninth annual expo featuring the most up-to-date designs relating to automotive testing. FUTEK, along with our Representatives from PTR, will be performing live interactive demonstrations at Booth 8044 for you visualize how our sensors and instruments operate.
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FUTEK Engineers are not only developers, but also demonstrators. And it is in this spirit that we believe providing our customers with visual application diagrams and interactive video demonstrations are extremely important to showcase how to utilize our technology. In this video, a FUTEK technician is measuring the torque exerted in a bolt fastening application. Using our TRH300 with our USB210, the technician can monitor and collect the torque applied to the both instantaneously, and in various forms. With SensIT Pro, you can choose to view your data by a live graph, conclusive graph [once the application is complete], or full excel spreadsheet compilation. Thus, FUTEK’s SensIT Pro is an ideal solution for stationary application such as this. To learn more about FUTEK’s USB Technology, please visit: www.futek.com/usb
Product Demo - Torque Sensor with USB
Product News
In-Line Endurance testing is a frequently sought after requirement for load cells in the test and measurement industry. It is for that reason that FUTEK designed and developed a full series of load cell models dedicated to In-Line applications. We call them our LCM Series.
In-Line Load Cells: LCM Series
Tube Expansion Measurement Application
Working with the right fixtures is an important ingredient often overlooked in test and measurement applications. In the example below, a Load Button Load Cell is utilized to measure the expansion of a tube as fluid moves through it. An innovative fixture has made this measurement much simpler. As the tube expands, the top plate applies a compression force on the top surface of the Load Cell. As the force is applied, streams of data can be sent to a range of instruments to create a full system solution.
Products used for this application:
LLB300 Subminiature Load Button
Subminiature Load Button
LLB350 Subminiature Load Button
Subminiature Load Button