FUTEK Insider / September 2013
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a spaceship!
A Galaxy of Projects
It's one of the few subjects that even the most non-scientific minds find absolutely fascinating. It's a topic capable of transcending our own imagination. And it's becoming quite a celebrity in its own right. But what are we referring to? Well, outer space of course.
Whether it's the success of landing a rover on Mars, a YouTube video of how-to-wash-your- hair on the International Space Station, or satellite images of your house via Google Maps, it's undeniable that the masses find news pertaining to "space" incredibly appealing. And so does the test and measurement industry. Ground-based and flight qualified applications are among the most intricate in attention to detail, but undoubtedly the most engaging in terms of mission requirements and stakes. Take, for instance, the Mars Rover Curiosity. The stakes were huge! The line between success and failure was as thin as paper. And yet, the monumental success not only propagated NASA back into action, but made aeronautical science a celebrity.

In fact, it's aerospace applications like the rover expedition that have quality assurance and test engineers propelling toward FUTEK for inventive custom solutions.
And we're happy to help! Why? Because aerospace applications are like MasterCard commercials. FUTEK brings an engineering experience of 100+ years; we dedicated ourselves to the project for 1000+ hours; but being able to share with the world that we were involved in the Mars Rover Curiosity mission is priceless.
The reward in the test and measurement industry is knowing that we helped bring success to a mission, project, and/or product that someone full-heartedly believes in. To be involved in that process is priceless (aerospace or any other industry). And with that we say, in the words of Buzz Lightyear, that FUTEK is ready to go "to infinity and beyond" in search of the next big adventure!

Featured Product
TAT200 + IHH500

Instruments Illustrated

S-Beam Jr.
Tension Hook
Load Button
Miniature S-Beam with Overload Protection + Accessories
FUTEK's LSB200 Miniature S-Beam Jr. sets a new standard in terms of versatility. With nearly a dozen accessories and an overload protection up to 1000%, the LSB200 allows for users to easily integrate this miniature load cell into a majority of medical devices for live force feedback for process control.
Take the medical industry as an example. It is vital to have live force measurement for health-care equipment. Medical device manufacturers call upon quality assurance engineers to inspect their saline (IV) drip bags. Utilizing the LSB200 with the tension hook accessory creates a high- precision medical bag weighing platform. Also, quality inspectors may audit infusion pumps (syringes) as part of the manufacturing process to maintain high quality. Pairing the LSB200 with the load button accessory creates a syringe test stand.

Feature Application
Torque/Motor Test Stand
Helicopter Cyclic Sensors

Products In Use
FUTEK Multi-Axis/Gear Shift Load Cell (MAU300)
Application Summary
Flight controls require extreme auditing prior to in- flight use. FUTEK's MAU300 Gear Shift Load Cell provides quality assurance engineers with the appropriate tools to monitor the force applied to helicopter cyclic controls (joysticks).
Multi-Axis Load Cell
Handheld Display
Feature Video
IPM650 Benefits and Features
Amplifier Wiring & Installation
Setting up your FUTEK CSG110 Universal Strain Gauge Amplifier is a lot easier when you have a visual reference. That's why our technical support team put together a 10- minute demonstration highlighting the wiring of the DB9 connector, the voltage and current output setups, shunt, and shunt calibration. Within each phase of this demo, our specialists will identify the tools and requirements needed to perform for each task. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.
This Month's Highlight
Cross Reference
In 1988, FUTEK was just an idea. But that was twenty five years ago. In fact, this past August we happily celebrated our 25th Anniversary as a test and measurement solution provider. And because of the grander of this achievement, we're going to make it a year long festivity. So keep your eyes and ears open for more glimpses into the FUTEK archive, as we're eager to share!