Technology Working As It Should
Here’s a frequent scenario that I run into from time-to-time. I have an upcoming project that I’m working on. I don’t have all the pieces just yet, but I have enough to describe my application. And I need some input. I don’t necessarily want to draft an email and then wait for a reply; or call and leave a voicemail. I’d rather just chat with someone — right here and right now. And that’s when I’m thankful for companies that offer a “live chat” feature. Because it’s truly “right here” and “right now” communication.

Some of you may ask: when did live chat become a relevant topic? I will rebut with: how many times has live chat led you down a rabbit hole?
FUTEK has utilized live chat over the last five years. But as we developed as a company, and quite frankly as individual consumers, we realized that a lot of “chats” were being misused. We’d hate for ours to fall into that category. So over the past few months, we elevated our “live chat” feature — dedicating more personnel and new technology to it. Because, we know how important answers are.

This new chat makes it simpler to connect with us on any FUTEK webpage, without the annoyance of disruptive pop-ups. And while some chat software providers focus on automated chat responses, we decided against that. We value talking to a live person. There’s just “something” about talking to someone who can visualize what you’re getting at, someone who understands, and ultimately, someone who can follow up with you should you need continual support.
So far, the new chat has proven itself an immensely worthwhile update. Engineers are able to quickly get our attention, and more importantly, get the answers they need diligently. So if you have just one question, or two, and don’t want to fuss with an email or voicemail, chat with us. Because, let’s face it, there’s just something so easy about knowing that you can get an answer to a question right here and right now.