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FUTEK Successfully Maintains ISO Standards
Release Date: 2/12/10

FUTEK is proud to announce its accordance of ISO 9001:2008 Certification. Once again FUTEK has proved their consistency in attaining an ISO Certification of our Quality Management System. With the help of the FUTEK Team and led by our highly detailed Quality Team, FUTEK has successfully met the ISO standards.

This certification recognizes and ensures a management system capable of the highest level of product quality and customer support. The ISO 9001:2008 quality standard places greater accountability on executive management’s involvement and instills measurable objectives in the Quality Management System. Additionally, the standard now examines the extent to which a company’s Quality System contains customer–focused elements, including understanding needs, meeting requirements, and keeping customers informed as well as measuring their satisfaction.

Please visit the FUTEK website or e-mail FUTEK at for further information on the variety calibration services and custom sensor design services offered. You may also visit the official A2LA website at to view FUTEK’s formal accreditation Certificate and Scope of Accreditation. Just select “Search for Accredited Laboratories” on the left side, and then input our certificate number, 2412.01. If your requirements are outside the scope posted, please contact email for further assistance.

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