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Bringing Mars a whole lot closer
Release Date: 8/5/12

IRVINE, Calif. - FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is ecstatic to hear that Curiosity, NASA's MSL Mars Rover, landed successfully upon the Martian terrain. As one of dozens of contributors involved in this ground-breaking project, FUTEK carries a lot of pride in the success of this mission.                 

FUTEK congratulates NASA, NASA's Mars Science Laboratory, and JPL on this epic advancement in space exploration. The year 2012 marks significant growth within this community and they are happy to be working alongside such pioneers. With two sensors abroad Curiosity, FUTEK stands responsible for the monitoring devices of the rover’s drilling arm and it’s robotic maneuvers. FUTEK’s custom sensors allow Curiosity to drill directly into the Martian environment with extreme precision and control.

Bringing Mars a whole lot closer 

Thus, today Curiosity brought Mars that much closer to Earth. Within the upcoming days, the rover will excavate and analyze Martian soil samples in the hopes of finally answering the climatic question of whether life exists upon other planets.

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