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Curiosity Prepares to Drill
Release Date: 1/18/13

IRVINE, Calif. - On August 6, 2012, a national achievement swept newsstands - NASA JPL's Mars Rover Curiosity touched down safely upon the Martian terrain. Over the past five months, the rover canvassed the Red Planet in search of the perfect drilling ground. That site has finally been found.                 

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology Inc. designed and developed two customized sensors for this exact moment. Within the drilling arm of the rover sits a Thru-Hole Load Cell FUTEK manufactured to measure the forces of the drill bit as it bores into the Martian terrain. The secondary Multi-Axial Sensor sits within the rover's robotic arm. As the arm maneuvers, this three-component sensor provides feedback to the operating device identifying the levels of torsion and force applied by the arm.

Curiosity Prepares to Drill 

Being that the drill is the rover's most complex device, both sensors will play a crucial role during these drilling expeditions. It is expected that Curiosity will burrow five two-inch holes into the bedrock. These holes will provide the first traces for analysis for the rover's two chemistry labs.

This next month will be full of anticipation for FUTEK. They await the discoveries of Curiosity and are pleased to have been apart of this milestone project.

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