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A Culture of Quality
Release Date: 03/25/15

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. continues to raise the high bar for quality management. Achieving ISO certification and keeping in-line with ISO requirements has produced a working culture that’s committed to continuous improvement and quality.

FUTEK has recently been recognized for its ability to uphold above and beyond quality standards. This achievement sends a message that the company is not just aiming to meet customer expectations but to exceed them.

The pledge at FUTEK is to uphold high standards and meticulous attention in every stage of design, testing and production. With pride, they assure you that each one of our products is crafted with character, precision and skill. It’s their belief that when each team member has passion for their practice, the quality of their craft will undoubtedly meet the FUTEK standard of excellence.

They are always looking for ways to increase efficiencies within the assortment of industry types in their market. The focus is to defeat engineering complexities by providing the right sensor solutions and delivering world-class service.

Like any other team working towards a goal, theirs is to provide a rewarding solution. Company efforts are geared toward providing customers with a sense of partnership and success. FUTEK eliminates the troubles that come with choosing the best sensor for a specific project by providing easy access to pertinent information. As the technical support team says, “It’s about us doing our job right so that you can do yours”. This is why they offer a live chat feature, application tips, product webinars, and post-sales support at no additional cost.

To FUTEK, the acronym QC does not stand for quality control, but quality culture.

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