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FUTEK Counterfeit Parts and Conflict Materials Prevention Program
Release Date: 10/16/15
Written By: Thomas Bowles, Quality Assurance Director, ASQ CQE

FUTEK fully supports worldwide efforts to stop the proliferation of counterfeit parts of all kinds and to avoid the use and distribution of conflict minerals including gold, tin, tantalum, and tungsten mined in the DRC and adjoining countries. The aim is to ensure that only genuine parts and “conflict free” materials are used in products that we manufacture. To this end, FUTEK only procures raw materials for our flexures from domestic sources or from DoD DFAR 225.872 approved international sources and requires certification of country of origin. FUTEK does not source any gold, tin, tantalum, or tungsten and has no dealings with any mines or smelters. Electronic components are always sourced directly from manufacturers or nationally recognized authorized distributors to prevent counterfeit parts from entering the supply chain. These requirements are passed down the supply chain to subcontractors and suppliers providing parts and materials to FUTEK.

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