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FUTEK Conflict Materials Prevention Policy
Release Date: 07/11/16

FUTEK fully supports worldwide efforts to halt the proliferation, use, and distribution of conflict minerals including gold, tin, tantalum, and tungsten mined in the DRC and adjoining countries. While FUTEK (as a privately held company) is not bound by the requirements of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, we fully recognize the importance of eliminating the trade in these conflict materials from regions where forced labor and other human rights violations are used to mine these materials. Our aim is to ensure that only genuine parts and “conflict free” materials are used in products that we manufacture. To this end, FUTEK only procures raw materials for our flexures from domestic sources or from DoD DFAR 225.872 approved international sources and requires certification of country of origin. FUTEK does not directly procure any gold, tantalum, or tungsten and has no dealings with any mines or smelters. Tin, however, is an important component in both the leaded and led-free solder that is used internally in our sensors to connect electronic components. To this end, FUTEK ensures that all solder is procured only from companies recognized for their aggressive and effective programs to ensure that no conflict materials enter their supply-chain. At the present time, FUTEK only procures solder from Kester, Inc. and Indium Corporation, both leaders in the effort to prevent the use of conflict materials in their products and both signatories to the IPC Position Statement on the Prevention of Trade of Conflict Materials.

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