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Miniature S Beam
Release Date: 2/20/2004
FUTEK Model L2357 Series load cells, also known as S-Beam Jr., are the world’s most compact and lightest “S” or “Z”-beam load cells with the highest accuracy in linearity.Unique features include overload protection up to 1000% of the RO in both Tension and Compression. Available in capacity ranging from 100 g to 100 lb. in a small package size of 0.75 in H x 0.63 in L x 0.25 in W or less. The weight averages 0.3 oz, and is less than 1/5 of the size of existing products in market. Operating temp range is -60*F to +200 *F, with non-linearity of less than * 0.1% full scale. The sensing element can be aluminum or stainless steel, depending on capacity.The product is designed for both end-users’ application and high volume OEM application. With unique package, S-Beam Jr. is well protected from harsh environment. Major applications include medical bag weight control, pin insertion, cabel/fiber textile tensioning control, fine powder process control, robotics, space stations, and areas where weight and size are as critical as precision. Since its release, S-Beam Jr. has already been implemented in many areas to improve the existing designs and enable futuristic designs.

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