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Futek Product Guide 2000 CD-ROM
Release Date: 10/26/2000
The Futek Product Guide 2000 CD-Rom contains a comprehensive library of Futek's full line of Load cells, Torque & Pressure Sensors and related instruments. With an explosive intro and a clean design by Futek's I.T. Design Team, this CD compliments Futek's established reputation for its commitment to producing quality and solid products. The CD-ROM catalog contains the latest Product Guide, technical documents/manuals and a very useful conversion calculator. Product Guide is a compact reference containing product specifications, dimensions, and photos. For a more technical reference, browse the list of PDF documents to view product and accessory drawings, application and mounting diagrams and a list of manuals to help Engineers. The conversion calculator should prove useful when converting between different units of measure. Finally, a link to Futek's web site completes this CD-ROM for product information request, support and current product release.

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