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Sensors in Micro technology
Release Date: 9/28/2006
Today, more and more medical equipment depend on automation and closed loop systems. In turn, these systems require sensors for precision control as well as extended capabilities. As miniaturized sensors become smarter and are being utilized with direct interface products such as USB and RS485/canbus interface, they are helping the development of micro technology equipment even further. Moreover, capabilities of submergible sensors, cryogenic sensors, ROHS compliant sensors, and MRI compatible sensors make challenges more feasible to overcome in this demanding market / industry. Many medical instrumentation companies have teamed up with Sensor Solution companies to achieve challenging micro technology requirements, a goal that was thought to be impossible only decades ago. These alliances have vastly contributed in the advancement of micro technology equipments. An example is the use of robots in many surgical applications to accomplish various tasks. Contact FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology Inc., for more information on miniaturized sensors or other products and capabilities.

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