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4 mV / V Load Cells - Double the Output, Double the Resolution
Release Date: 10/16/2006

FUTEK introduces its latest product line, the 4 mV/V pancake load cell series. Up ‘til now, FUTEK has only offered a maximum of a 2 mV/V pancake load cell. This new capability allows customers to utilize a higher capacity load cell at much lower range, while maintaining high precision. While developing this series many factors were involved, but FUTEK utilized its 18 years of experience along with computer modeling and extensive test results to design the series. These particular load cells can be used for various applications, including endurance testing, automation while monitoring or controlling forces, tool & die wear detection, and much more. Various capacities for Model #’s LCF450 through LCF700 are offered in 4mV/V. Check out FUTEK at or contact FUTEK by emailing for further details.

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