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Thin Film Miniature Pressure Sensor
Release Date: 8/20/2001
Futek introduces a complete line of miniature pressure transducers. This series utilizes a sputter thin film technology process, which enables the units to have excellent zero point stability, minimal hysteresis and creep, integrated temperature compensation and long life. These items are available in various output options such as built-in amplification, 5 volts or 4-20 mA or unamplified. Mounting configurations are available in flush mount, semi flush or standard. Offered in stainless steel or titanium material, these devices are available in pressure ranges from 3 psi to 37500 psi and process connections of 3/8, 7/16,1/4, and metric. Designed for harsh environments and space related issues, these units can be used in automotive, Formula One cars, aviation, space, medical, industrial systems, process control and automation.

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