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How reliable is your sensor?
Release Date: 1/05/2007

Test labs, production lines, and product usage in various industries require the use of sensor technology. These sensors are used to test various functions, but the test results are only reliable if the sensors are providing correct information. Verifying these sensors regularly helps prevent product damage, ensure that sensors aren’t out of spec, and ensure accurate reporting. Various calibration / verification options are available to test sensor accuracy. FUTEK’s VCal portable sensor-verification system is offered with all of FUTEK’s products to enable quick in house testing of load cells, torque, force, and pressure sensors. There are many other calibration systems that can be used in house. However, they are large, complicated, require highly educated technicians, and don’t usually offer a wide range of instrumentation. This makes a lot of companies hesitate to invest in such high priced equipment.

Due to these drawbacks of having an in house system, many companies tend to use outside calibration services. Although this may appear more convenient, shipping the sensors (or full systems) to the calibration lab can be costly and time consuming. Additionally, the calibration lab can only tell you how much a sensor is out of spec by, not when it started to be out of spec. This could cause a lot of problems for manufacturers who may need to recall their products because there is no way for them to determine which products have been defected. Furthermore, if it is discovered that there is nothing wrong with the instrumentation these efforts would be wasteful.

In general, a portable sensor verification system has several key benefits.

  • Sensor tagged right when it fails
  • Eliminating costs of checking suspicious functionality
  • Replacement sensor easily checked / recalibrated

Additionally, the portable system provides overload and over-range warnings and has remote management capability. FUTEK’s VCal system can be an essential tool that complements any program requiring critical testing or everyday use of a sensor. It can be purchased at as an individual instrument, or as part of a system package.

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