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TEDS – Simplifying Sensor Configuration
Release Date: 04/01/2007

FUTEK is always looking for ways to simplify its customers’ job and make things more efficient. One of FUTEK’s most popular options, offered with all sensors and selected instruments, is TEDS.

What is TEDS?

TEDS stands for Transducer Electronic Data Sheet. It contains information relevant to the sensor in question, such as serial / ID number, calibration dates and calibration factors. TEDS are defined by the TDL or Template Description Language per the IEEE 1451.4 standard. TEDS is used to simplify the configuration of electronic equipment by providing all the information needed for set up and calibration of electronics. Ideally the electronics would self configure and be ready for plug & play.

How Does TEDS Affect Your Testing Applications?

It provides an opportunity to standardize interfacing sensor products in the industry, which didn’t exist in the past. It does this by simplifying the interfacing of sensors with the instrument / controller so customers don’t have to go through the complicated set up and configuration steps. It’s also cost saving for manufacturers, since tech support time will be shortened. It even facilitates multiple sensors with one common instrument; thereby helping customers cut costs and meet their budget. Additionally, it minimizes or eliminates errors and mistakes in scaling & calibration. Best of all, it will not require a specialized technician for sensor & instrument or controller setup.

Contact FUTEK at if you need to convert any sensors from various manufacturers to support IEEE1451.4 Standards. For all other sensor needs, visit


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