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FUTEK Sensor Reliability
Release Date: 2/14/08

At Futek we are committed to producing the highest reliability, most advanced sensors available in the industry today. We achieve this through meticulous attention to the quality objectives at every stage of the design, testing and production of our customer-driven products.  Reliability is further enhanced through the integration and commitment of all team members to our total Quality Culture.

FUTEK has undertaken extensive reliability life testing along with some of our alliance partners.  This testing comprises both the actual field testing as well as accelerated environmental stress testing in the laboratory.  The environmental stress testing and has cycled our units under full load through thermal cycles from -40°F to +160°F for more than one year.  The accelerated reliability life testing has loaded a standard unit from 100% up to 150% of rated load and has been operating continuously since June 2001.  This testing has enabled us to establish a reliability measure for the MTBF of this unit, under these test conditions, in excess of 166 million cycles.

FUTEK Sensor Reliability

While the actual field MTBF of a sensor is more dependent on the operating conditions and installation, it is important that the sensor has an inherently high reliability since the overall system reliability, including the sensor, can never exceed the reliability of the sensor itself.  Therefore, it is critical to start with a highly reliable sensor if system reliability and availability are critical design requirements.  To this end, FUTEK also produces a line of sensors that are “fatigue rated” that are optimized for repetitive cycling and have substantially better MTBF ratings then standard sensors.

A more detailed technical discussion can be found on the FUTEK website ( under the SUPPORT tab on the home page, and then go to the FUTEK FORUM and then to KNOWLEDGE BASE for a link to the available White Papers. 

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