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Miniature Column Load Cell with USB Option
Release Date: 7/23/09

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. (FUTEK) is offering their Miniature Column Load Cell with a USB output option. The LCA300 is a Compression Load Cell built for compact press applications. Similar to FUTEK’s larger column load cell models, the LCA300 may be used in press applications but on a smaller scale where space is limited. Traditionally a Load Cell is placed in the center of a press and can produce one function depending on the type of press application. FUTEK has come up with an advanced and smarter system in order to help users receive full benefit in their applications. Using multiple Miniature Column Load cells with a USB output you can monitor each output of the multiple sensors easily and more effectively. Handling is lighter and much more manageable. It is also very helpful in batch type press applications producing higher amounts of output without worrying about a malfunction of your load cell disrupting your entire output process.

The LCA300 Column Load Cell which is now available with USB Output eliminates several factors such as the need for an analog amplifier, power supply, and display equipment. The elimination of those extra factors makes usage easy to use and much more effective. Measurement is also less affected by noise, temperature variation or power supply requirement with this simple plug and play system. With this USB integration you can have the power to monitor the output of the sensor which includes FUTEK’s USB Basic Software and allows users to monitor the output of the sensor in real time.

FUTEK’s (Miniature) Column Load Cell offers an impressive compact design for high capacity applications. With a diameter of 0.62”, it is ideal for tight and compact spaces. The LCA300 (Miniature) Column Load Cell is offered in 17-4PH Stainless Steel in 2,000 lbs to 5,000 lbs, with a raised surface radius to lower the possibility of off center loading. The LCA300 Column Load Cell (Miniature) is designed to measure loads in compression. This model is manufactured in US, and similar to FUTEK’s entire Load Cell product line, uses metal foil strain gauge technology. Additional design features include the use of a strain relief providing much greater protection from the pull on the cable. Miniature compression load cells such as these are commonly used in Industrial Process Control applications for Press Fitting, Riveting, Clinching, and Stamping.

Product Highlights:

  • Low Deflection
  • Compression
  • Small profile for tight spaces
  • High Capacity Miniature Load Column/Canister Load Cell

Column Load Cell (Miniature) 

For those who are a looking for a complete system solution, FUTEK can provide both signal conditioned displays or our VCal Portable System. FUTEK’s VCal Portable System brings an easy-to-use system verification directly to the customer making it ideal for on-site verification and calibration of your products. FUTEK LCA Series is also available with TEDS / IEEE1451.4 option.

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