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Amplified Input USB Output Module
usb320 - FSH03631
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Core Features
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Item No. FSH03631
USB320 , External USB Output Kit , 24 Bit Resolution , Up To 21 Bit Noise Free , Standard , For Amplified Inputs (Voltage Only) , Up to 4800 SPS
Product Description

FUTEK's USB320 Amplified Input USB Output Module eliminates the need for power supply and display equipment. The module is supplied by PC power through a USB Cable, providing excitation voltage for the sensor. The analog output voltage of the sensor is then digitized and processed by a microprocessor using the integrated high resolution (24 bits) analogue to digital converter (ADC). The on-board USB device allows the microprocessor to communicate with the PC by means of the USB link. The USB integration works hand in hand with SENSIT Test and Measurement software, which allows users to monitor the actual output of the sensor in real time. This is calculated based on the calibration values stored inside the on-board memory. The easy plug and play gives you the power to monitor the sensor output and enjoy measurement that is less affected by noise, temperature variation and excitation. The USB320 product is designed and manufactured by FUTEK in the USA.

Product Highlights
  • USB 2.0 communication link
  • USB bus-powered
  • Input/output short circuit protection
  • Streaming ASCII output
  • CE approved
  • Supports voltage sensors (FSH03631)
  • Supports current sensors (FSH03634)

Product Specifications
 Excitation ( ? The voltage or current applied to the input terminals of the transducer.)  12  Vdc
 Nonlinearity ( ? The maximum Deviation of the Calibration Curve from a straight line drawn between the no-load and Rated Load outputs, expressed as a percentage of the Rated Output and measured on increasing load only.) -0.01  0.01 % of R.O.
 Operating Temperature ( ? The extremes of temperature within which the transducer will operate without permanent adverse change to any of its performance characteristics.) -13  185 F
 Sample Rate 10  4800 Samples / Sec
 Communication Interface    USB
 Power Supply  5  Vdc
 Storage Temperature -40  257 F
 Input Range -10  10 Vdc
 Weight  10  Gram
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