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S Beam Load Cell | S Beam Load Cells

FUTEK S Beam Load Cells (Tension/Compression) offer a compact design for a variety of applications. Available in standard and metric, the S Beam Load Cell series provides accuracy, compact design features, overload protection (select models), and a wide capacity range to choose from. S Beam Load Cells are also commonly known as Z Beam Load Cells or S Type Load Cells.

Similar to our entire Load Cell product line the S Beam Load Cells are manufactured in the US and uses metal foil strain gauge technology. Most models can be modified or customized to meet your requirements and most models are available in our inventory making it available for quick delivery.

  •   High Endurance
  •   Built in Overload Protection
  •   High Capacity / Low Capacity
  •   Compact designs available for tight environments
  •   In both Tension and Compression
  •   Metric Threads available
  •   Single Point Construction
  •   Operating Temperature of -60° F - 200° F
  •   Utilizes Metal Foil Strain Gauge Technology

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