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DSPM Industria, s.r.l.
DSPM Industria, s.r.l.
DSPM Industria was founded in 1984 by the will of the founder, Aldo Romanelli, to become the preferred partner - for expertise, application expertise, willingness and ability to find solutions or develop higher performance - of those working in high tech industries, research centers and universities. The preferred partner for advice, choice and supply of sensors, transducers and measurement systems of physical quantities. DSPM Industria on the market today is a primary reference point for research and provision of advanced and innovative sectors of the food industry, electromechanical, electronics, hydraulics, avionics, marine, rail, defense, automation, in machinery production, geology and research in general.

Via Paolo Uccello, 4
20148 Milano, Italy

Contact: Aldo Romanelli
Tel: 39-0248-009-757
Fax: 39-0248-002-070

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