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Our custom sensors operate flawlessly from Mars to the International Space Station and on satellites and shuttles in between. Learn more about the technology behind some of our most high-profile NASA collaborations.

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FUTEK’s decades-long partnership with NASA is built on trust in our expertise and quality. We’re proud to develop sensor solutions that literally and figuratively go above and beyond, all made in the USA. Discover how we can push the boundaries of sensor technology for your project.

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Discover how our sensors are optimized to suit your precise aerospace requirements.


Our sensors perform perfectly in extreme temperatures. For example, for the Raytheon VIIRS Satellite project we produced two cryogenic sensors able to withstand –300°F (–184°C).


We work closely with the end user to understand what out-gassing requirements they may have so we can tailor our designs to meet their needs.

Overload Protection

FUTEK’s proprietary EDM machining technology has allowed us to pioneer sensors with 60x integrated and bidirectional overload protection. Traditional sensors typically have 150% safe overload.


Alongside being ISO 9001:2008 certified, FUTEK is compliant to AS9100:2009, which is the standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry.

J-STD-001 Soldering

FUTEK’s technical operators have been trained to comply with NASA's J-STD-001, the soldering standard for electronic hardware in space applications.

Miniature Models

FUTEK is an industry leader in sensor miniaturization, developing lightweight models with a wide range of capacities and capabilities that equal those of standard-sized sensors.

Multiple Bridges

For applications that require multiple bridge outputs, FUTEK’s sensors can be built or modified to support dual to quad bridge measurement requirements.

Space-Grade Materials

We actively test and review every element for optimal performance and application requirement. Our materials comply with strict outgassing, vacuum, temperature, and radiation requirements.

Radiation tolerance

We have the capabilities to engineer and develop sensors with radiation tolerance. We are confident that we can meet your requirements and even surpass your expectations.

IPC 620

FUTEK meets the exacting IPC 620 standard of practices and requirements for the manufacture of cable, wire and harness assemblies.

Fatigue rated

We make sensors with extreme durability that endure fatigue tests through millions of cycles. There’s a reason why our sensors on Mars have operated impeccably since 2012.

Shock and vibration resistant

FUTEK introduced the industry-first spike shock resistant force sensor in 2001. Since then, we have worked with best-in-class laboratories to continue to perfect our seniors' performance.

“On a Mission”

Listen to our CEO Javad Mokhbery and Director of Quality Thomas Bowles discuss how FUTEK solved NASA's challenging Mars rover requirements.

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Aerospace applications

Explore our aerospace applications to see how our sensors perform crucial tasks in extreme conditions.

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