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Multi-Axis Sensor - Automated Capping Press

Application Summary

During cap application, ensuring consistent force and torque application is key to reducing product rejection rates. In systems that utilize child-proof caps, sanitized or sterilized packaging, verification of successful cap application is critical for seal validation and quality control. To accomplish this, a multi-axial sensor is used in the capping press to ensure precision, consistency, and seal integrity.

Products in Use

A Bi-Axial Sensor, measuring torque and thrust, paired within Instrumentation (IAA Series, IPM650, IHH500, USB Solutions).

Automated Capping Press
How it Works
  1. Operators have installed a biaxial sensor into their production line to monitor the actuator/motor powering the capping press.

  2. Installed directly underneath the capping press' actuator, this biaxial sensor measures the torque and thrust exerted as each cap is sealed onto its respective container.

  3. These torque and thrust measurements can be amplified through FUTEK's IAA Series Amplifier to a PLC, shown on a digital display (IPM650 or IHH500) or streamed directly to a PC using FUTEK's USB Solutions.

  4. If the instrument is paired with FUTEK's SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software operators can log, graph and capture all the data on the PC.

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