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Load Cell - Bite Force Measurement Study

Application Summary

Miniature Load Buttons have been utilized in medical research studies by the University of Amsterdam to measure the bite strength of dementia patients.

Products in Use

Miniature Load Button (LLB Series) paired with FUTEK's Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display (IHH500).

Bite Force Measurement Study
How it Works
  1. Set up to measure the bite force of dementia patients, researchers at the University of Amsterdam installed FUTEK's Load Buttons between the stainless steel plates of a probe.

  2. As the patient bites down onto the probe, the force applied is streamed directly to FUTEK's IHH500 Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display where the researchers can monitor the data. If the researchers chooses to utilize FUTEK's SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software alongside the IHH500, they will then have the ability to live graph and log all the data.

  3. We should note that FUTEK's Load Buttons are intended for in-line (vertical) measurements.

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