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Load Cell - Die-Attach Force Measurement

Application Summary

Fragile semiconductor chips require delicate handling prior to
packaging. During Through-Silicon Via (TSV), eutectic, epoxy, or solder
based die attach processes, consistent force must be applied to the
chip. Incorrect force application causes broken chips and incomplete
bonds. Load cells incorporated into the die attach tooling enable closed
 loop control during this delicate process.

Products in Use

One LCM100 Miniature In Line Load Cell paired with Instrumentation (IPM650, IDA100, IAA300 Differential Strain Gauge Amplifier)

Die-Attach Force Measurement
How it Works
  1. A LCM100 Miniature In Line Load Cell is between the pick and place head and armature.

  2. As the armature presses the chip down onto the die during the attach process, the LCM100 measures the force applied.

  3. The force applied is then displayed by IHH500 Intelligent Digital Hand Held Display or IPM650 Panel Mount Display.

  4. Utilizing the IAA300 analog amplifier or the analog outputs from the IDA100 or IPM650, an amplified output can be sent to a PLC for automated die attach processes.

  5. The ultra-low noise output from the IAA300 makes it ideal for high precision motion control.

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