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Application Summary

Assembly and toque measurement. Why does it matter?

In some critical assembly lines, the operator needs to monitor the actual torque being applied on fasteners. This is even more important for electric and pneumatic assembly tools. The most appropriate torque measurement tool is the rotary torque sensor (aka dynamic torque sensor), which can be installed between the assembly application and an electric/pneumatic power tool. Engineers and production managers can then obtain dynamic torque measurement data, which will highlight the amount of torque that is applied from the tool to the bolt or fastener.

FUTEK torque sensors offer a reliable method to ensure your assembly torque measurement is accurate. These measuring tools can be used as an assembly tool, but are best used as a quality control instrument to verify and monitor torque.

Similar to load cells and force sensors, rotary torque sensors will go out of calibration with extended use. FUTEK recommends annual calibration for our products to keep the sensor's measurement accuracy. Regular recalibration also guarantees measurement consistency and adherence to industry standards.

Hex-Drive Rotary Torque Sensors are typically used to verify screw spindles and torque of power-driven tools (torque measurement tool).

Products in Use

Hex-Drive Rotary Torque Sensor (TRH Series) torque measuring tool paired with Instrumentation (IPM650, IHH500 or USB520)

Power Torque Measurement measuring tool for Bolt Fastening
How it Works
  1. Under quality assurance standards, rotary torque sensors are used as a torque measuring tool to verify the bolt fastening of power tools and screw spindles.

  2. In this application, FUTEK’s TRH Hex-Drive Rotary Torque Sensor has been coupled to a power tool to verify its torque and rotational angle as it fastens a bolt into a fixed plate.

  3. These measurements can be read on either FUTEK's digital displays, the IHH500 or IPM650, or streamed directly to a PC using FUTEK’s USB520.

  4. The USB520 is the ideal data exchange solution for systems that require translation of rotary torque encoder readings, such as angle and speed. Its compact and robust design also makes the USB520 fitting for this type of industrial application.

  5. Operators also can utilize FUTEK's SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software to log and graph all data.

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