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Load Cell - Prosthetic Foot Emulator

Application Summary

For individuals who have lost part or all of a limb, rehabilitation is always a difficult process. For those who have undergone trans-tibial amputation, their prosthesis needs to replace the function of the biological limb below the knee. FUTEK worked with Humotech  in selecting a sensor for a robotic prosthetic foot that can mimic different devices to help find the one that optimizes an individual’s gait. By mounting our LCM200 Miniature Threaded In-Line Load Cell in-line with a servo-driven cable system, Humotech was able to create a closed-loop system that enables patient's to test-drive products for a better fit and speedier rehabilitation.

Products in Use

FUTEK's LCM200 Miniature Threaded In-Line Load Cell paired with Instrumentation (IHH500, IPM650, USB Series, IDA100)

Prosthetic Foot Emulator
How it Works
  1. One end of the LCM200 is attached to the control wire attached to the servo driven cable actuator.

  2. The opposite end of the LCM200 is mounted into the heel of the prosthesis.

  3. As the individual walks, the cable pulls on the heel of the prosthesis mimicking the torque generated in walking by an Achilles Tendon.

  4. The force used to actuate the heel is measured by the LCM200 and displayed with the IPM650 Digital Panel Meter, IHH500 Handheld Display, or on a PC using the USB220 High Resolution Output Module and our SENSIT™ software.

  5. The instruments are then connected to a PC over USB 2.0 which drives the servo motor, closing the control loop, and allowing the system to actively adapt to an individual’s gait.

  6. With the IDA100, amplifier output can be simultaneously monitored and adjusted on a Windows PC with our SENSIT™ software while providing high speed, amplified, analog output for PLCs and Motion Controllers.

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