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Load Cell - Tube Expansion Measurement

Application Summary

Utilizing a Load Button, engineers can measure the expansion of a tube as fluid moves through it.

Products in Use

LLB Series Miniature Load Button paired with Instrumentation (USB Solutions, IAA Series, IHH500, and IPM650).

Tube Expansion Measurement
How it Works
  1. FUTEK's LLB Series Miniature Load Button is installed between two plates. Also located between these plates is a process tube.

  2. As fluid flows through the process tube, its diameter expands. The unique design of this plate (pivot points), allows for this expansion to occur.

  3. As the tube expands, the top plate begins to apply force measurements onto the load button.

  4. This applied force is then streamed to one of several instrument options - a digital display, an amplifier, or a USB module.

  5. Both the digital displays as well as the USB module can utilize FUTEK's  SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software to graph and collect the data.

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