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Torque Sensor - Valve Torque Testing

Application Summary

Reaction torque sensors are often used as auditing and monitoring tools. This application utilizes the TFF Series to measure the reaction torque required by an electric valve actuator/motor to operate a ball, plug, or butterfly valve.

Products in Use

FUTEK’s Reaction Torque Sensor with Thru Hole Center (TFF Series) paired with instrumentation (IAA Series analog amplifiers, USB Solutions, and the IHH500 handheld display)

Valve Torque Testing
How it Works
  1. In this application, a Reaction Torque Sensor is mounted between the electric valve actuator and valve housing.

  2. The valve stem passes freely through and does not make contact with the Reaction Torque Sensor.

  3. The TFF Series Reaction Torque Sensor measures the torsion/torque moments required by the valve actuator to operate the valve.

  4. The TFF Series measurements are then outputted to a digital display (IHH500), streamed to a PC using FUTEK’s USB solutions, or amplified with IAA series for using with PLCs and data acquisition devices.

  5. In addition, data can be viewed in real time and logged by operators using FUTEK’s SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software.

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