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Application 107
Hydraulic/Pneumatic Press Force
Application Summary

Press (Hydraulic or Pneumatic) verification testing is a necessary requirement within the automation process. By implementing load cells with USB output, the operator can verify the uniform loading of a large platform. Each load cell serves as a monitoring point within the system.

Products in Use

LCA Series Miniature Column Load Cell paired with USB Solutions. 

How it Works
  1. In this application, engineers have installed several LCA Series Miniature Column Load Cells at the base of this hydraulic press, implementing enough load cells to quantify the full force capacity of the press.

  2. These load cells have been paired with FUTEK USB modules allowing a live stream of measurements onto the engineer or operator's PC.

  3. As compressive forces are applied to the LCA Series Load Cells, FUTEK’s USB Solutions in conjunction with FUTEK’s SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software can verify if the hydraulic press is accurately performing.

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