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Application 143
Arbor Press Verification
Application Summary

Load cells are frequently used with arbor presses as auditing tools to gauge the amount of force required for a press fit or riveting process.

Products in Use

One Miniature Load Button (LLB Series) with Instrumentation (IPM650, IHH500, or USB Solutions) and SENSIT™ Test and Measurement Software.

How it Works
  1. Arbor presses are used to perform press fit and riveting processes. Quality Assurance Engineers utilize load cells to verify that the forces applied meet the process' specifications.

  2. In the above diagram, FUTEK's LLB Series Load Button has been positioned underneath the arbor press ram.

  3. As the engineer operates the press, measurement feedback can be displayed on either the IHH500 or IPM650, or streamed through USB directly onto a PC.

  4. This data can then be examined by the Q.A. department to confirm whether or not the operation meets the specifications.

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