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Application Summary

During plastic injection molding and die casting, the mold is clamped
together to resist the rapid thermal expansion and contraction caused by
 the molten material filling the mold cavity. Flawed parts can be
created if the mold is not kept properly clamped to resist thermal
loading throughout the molding and casting process. To mitigate these
thermal effects, Pancake Load Cells are placed at the clamp contact
points, enabling machinery monitoring processes to adjust clamping

Products in Use

FUTEK’s Universal Pancake Load Cells (LCF Series) coupled with the IAA Series Analog Amplifier for feedback into a PLC.

Injection Molding Force Feedback
How it Works
  1. LCF Pancake Load Cells are fitted in-line of hydraulic pressure or screw-type clamps measuring the compressive force applied to the mold.

  2. As the mold expands and contracts due to the molten material, the load cell provides feedback to the PLC with the new compressive force.

  3. The feedback is used to adjust the clamps in real-time to maintain mold compression.

  4. When paired with the IAA Series Analog Amplifier, the load cell can provide a variety of amplified outputs such as 0-10 V or 4-20 mA signals for the PLC.

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