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Torque Sensor - Rheometer Torque Measurement (318)

Application Summary

Determining the viscosity and rheological properties of a fluid, such as paints, oils, and adhesives, requires a rheometer. In this case, a rheometer with a rotational cylinder is used to measure material shear at various rotational velocities. Accomplishing this requires a torque sensor to measure torque generated as the fluid is spun.

Products in Use

One TFF425 Flange-to-Flange Reaction Torque Sensor paired with Instrumentation (USB220, USB520, IDA100, or IDC305) 

Rheometer Torque Measurement
How it Works
  1. A TFF425 Flange-to-Flange Reaction Torque Sensor is mounted beneath a cylinder holding the fluid undergoing analysis by the viscometer.

  2. A spindle attached to a motor is submerged in the fluid.

  3. The spindle is brought up to a specific speed and the torque exerted on the cylinder by the spindle is measured with the TFF425.

  4. The signal from the TFF425 is fed into the IDA100 Amplifier with Digital and Analog Output for amplification and transmission to a PLC.

  5. For a direct connection to a microprocessor, the IDC305 Digital Controller can be used to send torque sensor data directly via SPI to provide closed loop control.

  6. Otherwise, the signal from the TFF425 can be captured by the IDA100, USB220, and USB520 High-Resolution USB Solutions and logged with our SENSIT software.

  7. This data can then be used to meet compliance for ASMT D562, ASTM D1084-16, ISO 3448.

  8. To measure while coupled to the spindle shaft, the TRS series Shaft-to-Shaft rotary torque sensors can be used.

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