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Application Summary

A system is defined by its weakest link. Even something as small as the sensitivity of a trackpad is scrutinized to make sure it delivers optimal performance to the end user. In this application, FUTEK’s LSB200 is fixed onto a testing actuator to record tactile feedback, run cycle test and quantify the force required to stimulate touchpad response.

Products in Use

Jr. Miniature S-Beam Load Cell (LSB200) paired with Instrumentation (USB220).

Trackpad / Touchpad Test Stand
How it Works
  1. Trackpads / Touchpads are a common feature of desktop computers and laptops.

  2. FUTEK’s LSB200 is fixed onto a testing actuator to quantify the force required to stimulate touchpad / trackpad response.

  3. During R&D, a test stand can be set up to record the force of pressing and dragging motion of a finger in relation of the position on trackpad.

  4. During quality checking processes, the gantry setup can be automated to inspect each trackpad to make sure the tactile feedbacks of a trackpad are within tolerance.

  5. These force measures can be streamed to a computer for control and analysis utilizing FUTEK's USB Solutions.

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